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"finding the heart of the story in the journey of life..."
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We all have a lifetime of stories in our memory banks and lessons we would like to leave future generations. This eBook is filled with information, anecdotes, and examples to assist you in gathering the family stories you may not have realized you’ve already written.

About Judy Helm Wright

Hello! Welcome to this exciting journey of sharing your wisdom and capturing family stories for your family’s future generations.


My name is Judy Helm Wright—Author/Personal Historian/Intuitive Wise Woman. I have taught Memoir Writing for 25 years in many communities. What I knew then about how memory works, and what research and life experiences have taught me now – is vastly different. As we explore this exciting calling, you too will benefit from this research and knowledge.

Client Testimonials

"Judy goes above and beyond to assist her fellow authors and I look forward to working with her as a Life Coach and with my second book! She has a wealth of information and is willing to share!"
Mary Shelton
“Judy Helm Wright is such a blessing to people in the writing community! She is a constant source of encouragement and support to those in the industry, and I always look forward to hearing of her new ventures. I would highly encourage seasoned writers as well as new writers to follow her lead."
Lori Ann Jermoune
"Judy's energy can be felt from afar. I am amazed at how easy it was to get a sense of her and her work. Authentic. And isn't that what we are after? I am delighted to have connected. The future holds many miracles."
Teresa Weybrew

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a personal memoir?

A personal memoir is a written account of one’s own life experiences, memories, and reflections. It often focuses on specific events, themes, or periods in the author’s life.

Why should I write a memoir?

Writing a memoir allows you to preserve your memories, share your experiences with others, and gain insight and understanding into your own life story. It can also be a therapeutic and cathartic process.

When should I begin?

You should start writing your memoir whenever you feel ready to share your memories and experiences. There’s no specific age or timeline – if you have a story to tell, start writing whenever you’re inspired to do so.